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Shop the Look: Soft and Subdued Shelfie

A bit of a step away from my usual colourful shots today with this muted and mellow shelfie. I adore our Rose in April wall shelf - they come in so many different colour options too so I am eyeing up some more for other rooms in our home! Once you've got your shelves then comes the fun part of dressing them - Maileg mice are always such gorgeous additions, especially if you are anything like me and only let the kids play with them when you are casting a watchful eye over them 😉

Shop the look:



  1. Scandiborn - Rose in April Babou 3 Wall Shelf (winter blue) 
  2. Sarah & Bendrix - Wooden Cat Toy
  3. A Little Lovely Company - Rainbow Suitcase Set
  4. Small Bob - Little Strong Woman Placard
  5. Olli Ella - Holdie Folk Dinosaurs
  6. Babipur - Dinkum Doll Travel Case
  7. Sarah & Bendrix - Wooden Stacking Animals
  8. Scandiborn - Maileg Princess & the Pea
  9. Leo & Wilf - Custom Wording Embroidery Hoop
  10. Aro Embroidery - Embroidered Moon
  11. Olli Ella - Straw House Bag
  12. A Little Lovely Company - Toadstool Little Light
  13. Mimi & Lula - Velvet Crown (blue)
  14. Velveteen Babies - Droplet Garland 

Paint colours - Top half: Dulux Pure Brilliant White / Bottom half: Dulux Tuscan Terracotta

These items include PR products.

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