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Kid's Storage - My Top Picks

It’s a fact that kids accumulate a lot of stuff. Even if we try our best to avoid buying them too much or shop sustainably, as soon as their birthdays and Christmas come around we can often find ourselves overloaded with toys and gifts from friends and family with nowhere to put them.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite pieces of storage which are both practical and pretty, to help you keep things tidy and make sure those ugly plastic toys are kept out of sight (hi Lego, I’m looking at you!).


  1.  IKEA Trofast Storage System

Practical and versatile, the trofast units are a playroom staple. The drawers are easily accessible for children and can hold a lot of stuff. For items you want to keep out of reach, the wall units are also really good. Coming in a few different colour options and very easy to upcycle if you want to give it  a new look, they’re a great, reasonably priced addition to any kid’s space. 

IKEA - £52.00

  1. Tidy Books Bookcase

Beautifully designed bookshelves which follow the Montessori approach where front facing shelves mean children can easily see their books and can independently choose the one they want to read. Tidy books offer a range of different styles to suit your home.

If you don’t have the floorspace for a bookcase then the IKEA Flisat Book Shelves are also great and hold a lot.

Tidy Books - from £135.00

  1. Aykasa Storage Crates

I honestly don’t know what I did with half of our stuff before discovering these crates, our cupboards are full of them! The minis are brilliant for storing separate toys and keeping all of the pieces that go with it together in one place. The midis are brilliant for storing Lego, Duplo, Playmobil etc. We have our midis stacked in the playroom on the floor, they come in so many different gorgeous colours that you can theme to your room so they are not an eye sore and can simply stay out on view.

This Modern Life - from £5.00

  1. Mustard Made Locker

More of an investment and a bit more a statement piece, but if you love lockers then Mustard Made are simply divine and come in a range of beautiful colours (I want them all!). They hold a lot and are available in different sizes to fit your space. Also, worth noting that once the kiddos have grown up and no longer need a play space you could quite easily give the locker another life somewhere else in your home as they work in every room.

Scandiborn - from £129.00

  1. Play and Go Storage Bag

An ingenious invention that is ideal for both kids and parents – you can use the bag to transport toys so you can use it at home and away, and it also makes life so easy when it comes to tidying everything away! Anything that saves time tidying is a winner in my eyes. It also comes in lots of wonderful colours and patterns so it will look lovely hanging in your kids space.

Play and Go - from €18.95

  1. Bellybambino Baskets

Hello cuteness! These baskets are so much fun and would undoubtedly be a huge hit with little ones. Easy to move around and use for a gazillion different things, the baskets and strong and sturdy and would look brilliant on display – they’d work superbly in a themed room too.

Scandiborn - from £33.00

  1. Rose in April Babou Shelves 

I absolutely love these shelves to display all of our favourite bits and pieces and they can bring a pop of colour to a space if you were to go for a brighter colour (there’s lots to choose from). The design is really sleek and simple and they’re super easy to hang. A perfect home for any décor or fragile toys that need to be kept safe or only played with under supervision!

Scandiborn - from £33.95

  1. Mama Designs Toy Basket

Oh those dreaded cuddly toys, where do they all go?! In this perfect toy sack that’s where! If you’re on the lookout for roomy toy storage that’s bright and colourful then this is for you, plus you can never go wrong with rainbows right? We have one of these which sits at the end of D’s bed holding her most prized cuddly toys and she can pull them all out (and put them back again with a bit of persuasion!) with ease.

 Mama Designs - £30.00

  1. Storage for all those fiddly bits

These are a few of my favourite smaller storage options which are perfect for all those little bits and pieces that always end up getting lost!


I hope you’ve found my little round-up helpful, any questions, just leave me a comment!

Dominy x

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